Thursday, August 21, 2008

Week 3 --- Check!

We made it through week three. Seems like with all the rain this week, we wanted to be lazy and do things like READ, and create ART and NAP all day. It was hard to concentrate!

If Education is an Atmosphere, then everyone in this homeschool should be learning, right? Even dear old mom! That's me! The girls are not interested in blogging, but I can tell you what I learned this week!

--> Be Who You Are. Tara asked me not to stop reading from Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. We're rather getting into it! Who knew it was so funny??? I guess people who read it. Ok, dumb question. Moving on. This week we learned that Viola is dressing up as a boy named Cicero and is working as a page for Count Orsino. Viola/Cicero loves Orsino. Orsino loves Olivia. And Olivia loves Cicero, not knowing he is really Viola, a chick. How humiliating would that be? MORAL: There are always consequences when you pretend to be someone you are not, negative consequences.

--> Choose Your Associates Well. In History we learned about Tecumseh, a Native American who tried to rally all of the Indian Nations to rise up against the new Americans (by now an independent nation from Britain). Tecumseh realized that the new Americans were pushing them farther and farther into "Indian Territory" and taking over their land. The Native Americans were losing resources, land, pride, their tradition ways, and were finding themselves very dependent on alcohol, which caused chaos and terrible decision making. Tecumseh was going across the United States unifying the Tribes to fight...and almost succeeded. Except while he was gone, his brother "The Prophet" allowed the tribes that had already assembled to steal some new American's horses, which caused a battle to take place before the Native Americans had a chance to build their army. "The Prophet" told his people he would cause the bullets not to hurt them. So when they fell dead, those who remained lost all faith in Tecumseh because of his brother. So the moral of the story is -- and Michael and I have learned this in minstry painfully--be very careful whom you build a partnership with.

-->God's Word is like TRUE and stuff! We are continuing our carpet ride through Turkey (aka, geography study of the Holy land!

The New Testament Christians hid out here in Cappadocian cities!

A temple inside one of the cities in Cappadocia.

This is Haran. Can you remember who lived in Haran?
It was ABRAHAM! These are mud huts. People for thousands of years lived in houses made of resources available to them. These now have cable and electricity, but are very good shelter. Obviously they have started bringing in like WOOD and SHINGLES from the looks of the background.

God's word says the ark came to rest on Mt. Ararat.
This is Mt. Ararat, which is in Turkey near the border of Iran. There are many theories on the "Ararat Anomaly" and if you have a few hours, google it. It is fascinating seeing top-secret, recently declassified photos through the years of what some believe to be the ark of Noah resting on the mount.

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