Monday, August 11, 2008

Open House

These are this week's lesson plans. Lots of fine print!
This is our daily schedule.

Top shelf holds sharp things and pictures and not-for-children markers
Next shelf holds school supplies, etc.
Next shelf holds paper, calculators, index cards, and one of my fave things: label maker
This shelf tends to catch some of the girls stuff.
The bottom shelf holds a bin for each girl to put their books in.
Not exactly tidy on day 5 of school, eh? LOL

These are some of our supplemental and resource books.
These are the books we are reading for Science, History, Art, Literature as well as a couple of Teacher's Manuals.
Side note: The red notebook is my financial notebook. I keep a monthly list of what bills came in and waht I paid, E confirmation numbers, dates of payment, etc. I have a list for months way back in 2003 still!
These are some spelling words we are doing this week (kind of reviewing).
Ultimately, our office holds our books and supplies. We also have a coat closet filled with art and craft materials. We have school on the couches most of the time. Some things they do in bed (like literature reading). Hannnah does math on the laptop and Tara does math at the desktop. Sometimes they work at the kitchen table. Sometimes they work in the van or at the hospital. You just never know!
Sometime this week I'll post some of their sketches from "Nature Study" from this and last week.

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Sarah said...

You truely are a well organized person; you amaze me at the ability to keep up with 3 blogs, 3 children, the family time, the appointments, the activities, the outings w/ church groups, bill paying, etc. Amazing.