Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I have signed Hannah up for art classes at a studio in Plano that does classes for homeschooled students. Today we went and toured the facility and looked at examples of the art she will be doing. It will be a cultural study. She will have 30 minutes of instruction each week on a new geographical location, the traditional art of that culture, and the medium of the week. Then she will have an hour to create. I really thought the art examples done by kids in after-school care LAST year (the same study) were exceptional, but they were downplaying the work. Hannah has an eye and I don't comprehend it because I am not artistic or creative at all. So it blows my mind. Tara is also a good artist, but she wanted to take swimming lessons. Hannah will have her lesson every Wednesday at 1PM.

I signed Tara up for swimming 3 at the Frisco Athletic Center (across the street from where one of our USA Olympic female gymnast trains, consequently) for a month or so. I want to secure her spot for the following months through to Christmas, but I can't predict what class she will need to be in, so I need to call and find that out. Tara does very well in her lessons and zoomed through Swimming 2 in 2 weeks and had 2 weeks to just get some one-on-one instruction while the other kids worked on swimming 2 stuff. So she is excited!

I also signed baby Gabe up for Parent & Me swim, which just puts the baby in the pool, teaching the child to be comfortable in the water. He is a FISH. For all teh aspirating that boy does on liquid and food, he always holds his breath in water. Go figure! However, the immunologist told me his immunodeficiency means I have to cancel his lessons. So I will use the $37 for that and put it toward Tara's lessons for October/November I guess.

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