Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Nature Study

The House by Hannah (she drew it in reverse for fun)
A chronic problem with her art is that she gives incredible detail in the beginning and then gets tired, and rather than finishing another day, she slops off the rest of the picture.
The Tree & Baby Swing by Hannah
This is a favorite of mine. I just love that baby swing and what it represents to me when I look out the window every day.
The Tree by Hannah
Leaf by Hannah
A Rose by Mom. This was drawn using a kid's book on how to draw flowers. I can follow instructions but that could never come out of my head.
Our Family by Tara

Baby, Dad Mom by Tree, Hannah looking orangey.
I love that her sun is always cool looking!

Banana Spider by Tara

Tara and I miss that banana spider. RIP
Garbage Pickup by Tara

SO much for NATURE study in the CITY!

The Lake by Tara (acrylic paint)
It is so pretty in person.

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Sarah said...

awesome artwork!