Thursday, October 9, 2008

Interesting Parallel

We are going through the Anne series, partly because it mandatory each girl read about Anne. I don't see how a girl can make it through to adulthood without just reading Anne of Green Gables. Secondly, because in History this year, we are studying the pre-Civil War through WWII.

The girls are halfway through Anne of Avonlea and I just wrapped up Anne of Green Gables yesterday. Hannah and Tara told me they cried when Matthew died. I had forgotten, though, what brought it to pass until I read it yesterday (and cried).

Matthew, who along with his sister Marilla, adopted orphan Anne, had been having spells with his heart of recent. And when he opened the door and read the news of the day, he learned that his bank had failed, along with countless others during that time. And his heart failed at that moment.

Interesting parallel to be reading about the birth of the Great Depression considering the nature of today's US and world economy.

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Sarah said...

I read those books when I was around the girls age... I remember them fondly. When I remember reading that series of books, I also read Jane Eyre. ohhhh..... those books are awesome!!!